How Can Younger Generations Build Wealth Online?

Unlike past generations, millennials and Gen Z have been excluded from one of the most lucrative opportunities to build wealth, which has been and continues to be investing in real estate.

Real estate has been a long time source of wealth acquisition, whether it’s in being property owners, landlords, or Airbnb hosts. However, limited real estate investment opportunities and the enormous barriers for entry, such as high down payment costs, bar many young adults from owning property. Even if one could afford the initial down payment, one would need a strategy to handle the loss if it turned out to be a bad investment.

Speaking of investment there are gamers who invest a ton in extensive training, time and expensive gaming equipment to get to a level where they can generate income from playing online games. Once again, the strategy carries too much risk and initial upfront costs. So how can young adults build wealth in 2022? We have an unconventional solution that will turn gaming into a profitable venture. And you don’t need to turn into a pro-gamer to turn gaming into a source of income thanks to PlayEstates.

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Gaming Industry

After having lived through not just one but two economic recessions, young adults have not been afforded the same opportunities as their predecessors. A lot of young adults, therefore, seek solace online. 80% of millennials and Gen Z play online games. It’s not just the entertainment factor that keeps them playing. Since its inception, online gaming has evolved from a pastime to the creation and adoption into multiple digital communities.

In the past, whatever rewards or prizes gamers earned in games were stuck in the digital world. Through blockchain technology, the tech-savvy have digital wallets and pay one another with fiat currencies. We’re already seeing digital communities harness cryptocurrency and other digital assets so that communities can generate revenue for its users. Skeptics consider digital currency and assets to have no value because they aren’t backed by tangible assets.

PlayEstates, a Gaming Platform that is Backed by Tangible Real Estate

In January 2022, venture capitalists predicted that stocks and real estate would eventually be turned into non-fungible tokens, and sparked further demand for these specific digital assets. PlayEstates saw an opportunity and built a game finance platform to offer real estate to the masses. Their mission is to help young people build wealth by playing online games while earning fractional ownership of actual real estate via NFTs.

PlayEstates eliminates the large investment costs that prevent young people from accessing the real estate investment market by allowing users to begin investing for the price of membership to their platform. Members can buy and sell earnings whenever they want without having to go through another entity to do so. Whether you’re looking for passive income, you’re looking for community, you just want to play games or you’re curious about becoming a fractional property owner, you will find something for you at PlayEstates.

PlayEstates understands the frustrations of feeling excluded from the real estate market and have tapped into a way that game finance and digital assets can be combined so that young adults can be closer to their dreams of financial freedom. With PlayEstates, members can get started building wealth in the lucrative real estate investment market while having fun. We find the properties, broker the deals and manage them. Own property without any of the stress attached.

Is your hobby gaming? Get started building wealth while improving your gaming skills and having fun with PlayEstates.

About PlayEstates

PlayEstates is a sustainable hybrid finance model that turns your gaming hours into ownership of real-world real estate assets. Our fractional ownership model is user-friendly, community-oriented, and the most fun way to get into real estate. PlayEstates is bridging the real world into the virtual world by integrating IRL real estate assets with blockchain gaming so users can collect NFTs as passive income. Come join us. Grow your game and build your wealth.

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