How Generation Z Is Achieving Financial Freedom

While many people have negative conceptions about Generation Z, the generation born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z may be composed of some of the most financially literate adults.

Why Gen Z is Different

They directly experienced the 2008 financial crisis and felt its effects on families. They learned from millennials’ financial mistakes and absorbed the wealth of information available online through platforms such as Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. In witnessing the rise of people their own age making content and developing brands, they are open about their desires for independence and financial literacy.

When it comes to finances, 90% of Gen Z prioritizes saving in order to meet their financial goals. And 54% of Gen Zers hold investments in mutual funds, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs. Because they have seen the risks in traditional financial markets, they are not afraid to utilize unconventional investment strategies that differ from the generations before them.

How Blockchain Will Create Equity

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. Previous economic disasters have eroded trust in conventional strategies to accrue wealth. Being the first generation to grow up with the internet, Gen Z should embrace it to their advantage. Fintech is an industry that is using blockchain and algorithms to disrupt the finance industry. Gen Z should embrace the way digital assets in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are bringing transparency to the public.

The root of Web3 is not just about the evolution of the internet but about decentralizing it. To put it simply, Web3 is about giving control of data and your buying power back to the individual rather than corporations. The only way to accomplish this is by utilizing open source software that is shared among users. Peer networks are forged and interact with one another through blockchain technology.

Blockchain has transformed many important industries from gaming, finance, healthcare, automotive, telecommunications and more. According to the Pew Research Center, 16% of Americans have invested into digital currencies, with young adult males between the ages of 18–29 being the largest investor demographic. Coinbase reports that approximately 170 million users have digital wallets to store their cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology allows users more privacy because they are able to directly transact with whom they choose. If it gains mass adoption, it would completely transform the way businesses run or services are provided.

How PlayEstates Utilizes Blockchain Technology

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that are individually coded within the blockchain to prevent copying and mass distribution. By its nature it holds unique value and is commonly exchanged for other NFTs or digital assets, such as virtual land, cryptocurrencies or even exchanged for real currency. PlayEstates is a gamefi platform that leverages NFTs backed by actual US real estate through a fractional ownership model. Simply put, young adults can play their favorite online games, earn NFTs and as a result become partial owners of real-life investment properties.

By paying a nominal price to become a PlayEstates member, gamers can play our play-to-build games to generate additional income. Even casual gamers can grow their game and build their wealth. Gamers can earn tokens for playing and purchase our NFTs or can buy them outright. Whether you’re interested in dabbling in blockchain or investing in your financial futures by playing games and earning rewards, PlayEstates has been audited and accredited so that you don’t have to worry about extensive research or seeking legal advice to participate.

Financial freedom shouldn’t be a retirement goal that happens decades from now. You can invest in yourself by playing games on our platform. PlayEstates’ desire is to build opportunities for young people to play great games, make new friends, and earn real money.

Ready to get started in the real estate investment market? Get started by visiting PlayEstates today!

About PlayEstates

PlayEstates is a sustainable hybrid finance model that turns your gaming hours into ownership of real-world real estate assets. Our fractional ownership model is user-friendly, community-oriented, and the most fun way to get into real estate. PlayEstates is bridging the real world into the virtual world by integrating IRL real estate assets with blockchain gaming so users can collect NFTs as passive income. Come join us. Grow your game and build your wealth.

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