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Welcome to PlayEstates

We are gamers!

Most people think gamers are just people who play video games for fun. But there’s a whole community of people who are using their skills to earn real money. In this post, you’ll explore how you can use your gaming skills to win competitions and earn real prize money.

First of all, we have two important questions for you…

WHAT IF… you, even if you’re a casual gamer, could have the opportunity to win real money on a gaming platform that’s built for YOU — where you tell us what you want to play, own and build?

WHAT IF… you could have access to a lot of fun games, be in a quality community or win tournaments where you could win like a pro and earn like pro Esport players?

If you’re nodding your head with a “YES” to either of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place. 💕

We give you a way to manage your finances and build a nest egg.

We are PlayEstates. We’re here to bring you a diverse gaming platform, no matter the genre. We try to bring it to the table for YOU, so that you can play the games you love, win competitions and get HUGE prize pools (real assets, real passive income, real estates, etc.). You might even win enough to buy a REAL house! You don’t just earn money. You build your wealth while having fun. How happy and excited would you be to be the youngest person to own a property, own real estate, or even a house?! How surprised and proud would your family and your friends be? Especially if you could do all this through your gaming skills and passion! Where else can you get this?

The more you play, the more you earn

You’ll definitely love the game selection on PlayEstates! Some of our community favorites are Space Falcon, Rooster Wars, and Gear Worx. We are eyeing survival and role-playing games to add next since they are some of your favorite genres! Retro Pinball and Shattered Lands are also coming soon to our platform.

As far as advice for new members goes, we would say just jump in and explore! Talk to other community members, check out the different games offered and see what you like. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone in the community is more than happy to help out a fellow gamer. And of course, we have much more to add on, much more…

The best part? REAL value!

You might look around wondering where we stand on the multitude of projects. We started PlayEstates because we understand.

You’ve been playing video games since childhood. It’s your passion, but it can be expensive, especially if you want to stay-up-to-date with the latest releases. You have to ration your gaming sessions, which adds to your stress. So you were happy to discover P2E games because you could put an investment in, gain entry and play with the hope of getting your capital back soon.

But there’s something that bothers you about the gaming blockchain: the lack of real value in digital tokens. Sure, it’s fun to win rewards as tokens in-game, but the fact that they have no real value outside of the game, takes away from the experience. You also don’t like how those games require a constant stream of new players to support the value of their tokens. Doesn’t it feel like the system is always on the verge of collapse? Finally in a black swan event, the last person to join ends up holding the bag. Most of you feel it,… it has happened in the games you played.

As a result, you love gaming, but it’s tough for you to enjoy your hobby as much as you used to. You’ve been looking out for one that doesn’t have these problems, but so far you haven’t had any luck.

We suspect you’re still reading this because you’ve experienced these issues firsthand.

We know your time is worth money, but so is your skill! PlayEstates offers the opportunity for gamers to play games 🎮 win BIG 🏆 and earn HUGE prize money💰, as a reward for your time and skills. Without a big investment you will have full transparency over our dealings. You don’t have to worry about getting no-value-tokens since our tokens and NFT are backed by real estate. Moreover, our platform enables you to not only earn money but also to grow your portfolio by playing the games you love. With huge prize pools and real assets up for grabs, you can turn your passion into a real source of income

The community is our motivation to keep us on track

PlayEstates is more than just a gaming site. For many, it represents a big family and space for meaningful friendships. In a world where social media is full of negativity, PlayEstates is a positive and welcoming place for all. Whether you are looking for a new game to play, a big win or just a place to chat with friends, we’re the perfect fit for you.

You won’t find another community of like-minded gamers who support and care for each other and have access to such a massive selection of games.

We’re different from other communities because we’re built on the principle of inclusivity. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy gaming, regardless of their background or experience. We are passionate about creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all gamers. We also pride ourselves on being a supportive community.

We know that gaming can be tough sometimes, and we’re here to help each other through it. We’re always happy to lend a helping hand, whether it’s giving advice on a game or just being a shoulder to cry on. So, if you’re looking for a community that cares about its members and is dedicated to providing the best gaming experience possible, then look no further than PlayEstates. We might be smol at the time, but we’re mighty, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

We know you still have a lot of things you want to know more about! Join us today! Who knows if PlayEstates just might change your life?

About PlayEstates

PlayEstates is a sustainable hybrid finance model that turns your gaming hours into ownership of real-world real estate assets. Our fractional ownership model is user-friendly, community-oriented, and the most fun way to get into real estate. PlayEstates is bridging the real world into the virtual world by integrating IRL real estate assets with blockchain gaming so users can collect NFTs as passive income. Come join us. Grow your game and build your wealth.

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